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Results speak for themselves! We proudly present our weight loss surgery success stories that CHRIAS patients wanted to share.

CHRIAS' dedication for weight loss education and minimally invasive surgical approach has helped thousands of people in the tristate - Delaware Valley (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) and nearby regions gain their life back. Results vary from person to person.

Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 126 lbs

“For years I had been battling with my weight, due to some health complications. My highest weight was 363 lbs. when I finally realized that I could not do this on my own and had to get help. When I started my weight loss journey I was 354 lbs. After meeting Dr. Wynn and going through the process to get the Gastric Sleeve, I have successfully lost 126 pounds. It is very important to remember that the surgery is a tool, but you must practice portion control, institute an exercise program and be committed to taking your life back.”

Gastric bypass with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 170 lbs

“I had gastric bypass surgery on May 11th 2004. I lost 170 lbs and feel wonderful! I’ve had all my plastic surgery and have reached my goal weight. Gastric bypass surgery is the best thing I have ever done.”

Gastric Bypass with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Lost 161 lbs

“I finally got my life back and I am able to enjoy life with my daughter! I am able to do the things I couldn’t do before.”

LAP-BAND with Dr. Peters in Delaware
Lost 181 lbs

“I’m 33 years old and have three children who are my world. They are the reason for my mission to transform myself. I couldn’t stand to go anywhere in public and had no energy to play with my children. I knew I had to do something! I had LAP-BAND surgery in January 2008 and have lost 161 pounds. I can honestly say that now, I really do enjoy my life!”

Gastric bypass with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 176 lbs

“In 2001 I weighed over 350 pounds. My life had become a struggle. It was difficult to move around. I had sleep apnea and suffered from several other obesity related conditions. I had gastric bypass in and have maintained a weight loss of 170 pounds. My life is very different now that I no longer carry the weight of an additional person on my back. My feed and ankles don’t hurt, I can fit comfortably in an airplane seat and I look forward to activities I used to avoid. Even though my surgery was over 8 years ago, I still receive continuing support from everyone at CHRIAS. They are fabulous!”

Gastric bypass with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Lost 117 lbs

“I had gastric bypass surgery for several reasons. It started when I had back surgery in 2003 and could no longer exercise as much as I had. Then I was told that my stomach wasn’t emptying properly, then I was diagnosed with GERD. Most of all I could no longer tie my shoes or have quality family time with my wife and daughters because I was in so much pain. I tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers but nothing worked. In 2008 I started my weight loss surgery journey. I could not have done this without the help of everyone at CHRIAS.”

More Patient Success Stories

Gastric Bypass with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 155 lbs

Gastric Bypass with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 251 lbs

Gastric Band with Dr. Wynn in Delaware
Lost 100 lbs

Gastric Band with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Lost 75 lbs

Gastric Band with Dr. Peters in Delaware
Lost 85 lbs

Gastric Bypass with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Lost 88 lbs

Gastric Band with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Lost 60 lbs

LAP-BAND with Dr. Peters in Delaware
Lost 102 lbs

I struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. Always going up and down, joining clubs/gyms, weight watchers, etc. I finally decided to have Lap Band done because I started to develop health problems (high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, back and leg aches) not to mention that weight kept going up. I felt that the Lap Band was better a chance because it was not a permanent change to the body and it would provide portion control, which I felt I desperately needed. It was the best choice I ever made. My heaviest weight pre-surgery was 242 lb and now I’m down to 140 lbs. I’ve maintained my loss for about 3 years now. Dr. Peters and staff are fantastic. They genuinely want you to succeed. They are there to provide you support during your journey. Now I enjoy life, feel great, no longer have any health problems, can actually fit on amusement rides, and it’s really fun going to buy clothes from regular stores and they fit!

LAP-BAND with Dr. Irgau in Delaware
Dr. Irgau and his associates at CHRIAS treated me with respect and kindness. They gave me an opportunity that I never thought I could obtain. I look and feel wonderful.Chrias helps anyone who has made a decision to take control of their life again. I made it almost seven years ago and I have never looked back!" Thank you so much for your strength and kindness, my family I can never thank you enough.

Lost 100 lbs

I had been overweight most of my life. I had lost weight several times before only to always gain it all back (plus some extra). I had my weight loss surgery in August 2007 and have lost more than 100 pounds and have kept it off. I am more active than I have ever been and actually enjoy exercising now. Weight loss surgery is the tool that helped me lose the weight and more importantly helping me keep it off.