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  • A weight loss option that allows you to eat the same kinds of food as friends and family.
  • A safe alternative that provides meaningful weight loss.
  • Weight loss without impacting your lifestyle.

vBloc® Therapy takes intelligent technology used safely for years in pacemakers and applies it to the vagus nerve—making it a less invasive weight loss alternative.

​Delivered via a pacemaker-like neuroregulator device, vBloc Therapy blocks hunger signals between the brain and stomach, that can make you feel fuller longer and reduce the amount of food you want to eat.

The device is placed just under the skin. The leads are placed on the trunk of the vagus nerve. Because the leads are placed laparoscopically, there is limited scarring and recovery time compared to traditional bariatric surgeries. Better yet, many patients are able to have the procedure done on an outpatient basis.

vBloc® Therapy is the safest implanted device for weight loss.

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CHRIAS surgeons perform weight loss procedures at Centers of Excellence. The ASMBS and ASC recognizes programs with a demonstrated track record of favorable outcomes in bariatric surgery.